Slow and deliberate,
Somber fingers caress sharp Silver
Many times kissed;
A love abandoned and returned to
For sole reason of release.
Salvation awaits if only
True commitment is made.

The wine soothes,
Making the act seem simpler.

Not alone, yet so alone inside,
Silver shines with promise,
And tempts the urges within…

…for abstinence can be so hard.

Tears have run silent
With reinforcements on the way:
Another sip to quell the pain.

Hearts can be so fickle,
Turning tender into Stone;
Fearing failure in that faith-bound leap
That might just shatter Medusa’s curse,
Silver shines brighter at each fall.

Shaking fingers move to the Heart,
Cradled into safety.
Damaged, this Heart is wary,
And looked where it should not.

Truth revealed your Scarlet Soul,
And then I saw naught but Silver.

Solemn fingers grasp this pen,
One last scrawl to beseech your embrace…
But my cries- I watch
And see them fall on blind eyes before me.

Silver catches my tears,
And like diamonds they glitter;
A last, eternal light.
Lost in my gaze, fingers whiten,
Silver kisses my breast,

Like a sword in the stone of my heart.

– December 3rd, 2005

Greta Kratz

For SMP. Premise of this poem is that the person I wrote it for was someone I caught cheating on me and how it made me feel inside and what I wanted to do.

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